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Purchase a Refocus Band ..

Purchase a Refocus Band that will help you be more mindful. You can take control of your thoughts by simply flipping the band every time a negative thought overpowers you.

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Change Is Only A Choice Away, Speak Kindly To Yourself, Practice Love, Progress Not Perfection, Close Your Eyes And Breathe, One Day At A Time, Trust Your Gut, Find Your Own Way, Do Something For Someone Else, Have A Little Patience, See The Good, Don't Believe Everything You Think, My Conscious Is My Coach, We Are The Common Dominator, Igniting Your Inner Coach, Perception + Interpretation= Your Reality, What Do We Have Influence Over?, You Don't Have To Believe Everything You Think, Your Focus Became Your Reality, What Are You Building Evidence For ?, Deficit-based Bias, Seeing The Best In The Self & Others, Emptying Your Headtrash, Mantras ,Metaphors & Maps


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