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Ina Gjikondi MPS, MA, PCC is a teacher, leadership coach, speaker, mother, innovator, poet and co-curator of whole-person and whole-system learning experiences that awaken creative capacity for embodied intuition in service to love, joy and peace. Ina believes that all life is interconnected and that our work as humans and leaders is to honor and hold in reverence and compassion our own lifework, and all living beings. Ina’s invitation is to bring forth all of our intelligences and connect, reclaim and remember our wholeness.
Ina serves as the Director of Executive Education & Coaching and as the Founder & Director of the e-Co Leadership Coaching Program and the One Humanity Lab at the George Washington University’s Center for Excellence in Public Leadership. In this role she works with leaders from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, to cultivate their inner knowing, agency, power and will, mobilizing the capacities of spaciousness, perception, imagination, inspiration, intuition and creativity. Ina is currently working on her dissertation at GW Graduate School of Education, which focuses in understanding knowing in the context of Eco pedagogies “or more than human ways of knowing”, applied in leadership coach education.
Ina is also one of the founding stewards of Global Consciousness Institute, an organization that seeks to elevate global consciousness as a field of study; and the Advisory Circle Member of the Magnolia Moonshot 2023, a collaborative project within the Academy for Systems Change, a nonprofit organization focused on advancing the field of awareness-based systemic change in order to accelerate ecological, social, and economic well-being.

Prior to moving to the US, Ina was an active UN advocate, political campaign professional and founder of several nonprofit organizations in her native home of Albania. She is inspired by her son Hadrian, who teaches her to slow down and show up for life with genuine curiosity.
Ina’s calling for the world is summed up in four words, two of which have been attributed to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe as the last pronounced words before his death, “More Light and Love!”.

Ina holds a Masters in Political Management from the GW Graduate School of Political Management, a Masters in Human Resource Development from GW Graduate School of Education, and a BA in Law from University of Tirana.

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