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Dr. Keyaunoosh Kassauei MD is an international medical graduate (IMG). She continued her medical education with a post-doctoral research fellowship at JHU/SOM (The Johns Hopkins Hospital, School of Medicine) in the United States.

Her respected work during her pathology fellowship at Hopkins in the study of mitochondrial DNA mutations in pancreatic cancer patients has led to several publications in prominent journals of medicine like Nature.

Enlightened by her NDE (Near Death Experience in 2006), she developed a passion for coaching in Healthcare & Leadership and founded MCCG

(My Conscious Coaching Group, as a 501C3 coaching nonprofit in 2018) with a mission to heal and care for the Whole-Self and a vision to raise self and global awareness for a conscious mind through education and application of EQ/SQ (Emotional Intelligence and Spiritual/Deep intelligence) for our humanity and all earth citizens.

Keyaunoosh is a certified Ei Coach From Goleman ei and certified EICC Meta Coach (Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certification) from Beyond ei.

Her focus is helping physicians and leaders in healthcare and also in education space as a certified Wisdom Coach for schools & families. Since 2010, she started her credentials with CME’s certifications at IOC/HMS ( Institute of Coaching at Harvard Medical School/McLean ) and subsequently as an affiliate and Fellow at of IOC/HMS until now. Currently she act as an advisory council member at IOC/REDI (Race, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) committee, and Facilitator at IOC/REDI global conference. Also is founder & leader of a new discussion group (spirituality in coaching & leadership) and a contributor to IOC white paper (leading with humanity) and multiple coaching Blogs and writings on sensitive topics for coaching in healthcare & leadership. She is member of ICF& ICF Foundation (International Coach Federation) . Keyaunoosh is a certified facilitator/moderator at IANDS (International association of near death studies) since 2020 and speaker, panel leader at IANDS global conferences. As founder of Conscious Coaching and part of her nonprofit education initiatives, Keyaunoosh is hosting a podcast (link below) and has been interviewed at iHeart/Business Talk Radio and IANDS Radio . She is coauthor of International Best Seller, “Beautiful Scars”
Dr. Kassauei multiple coaching certifications and skills are as follows:
-Certified EI Coach and EICC Meta Coach (Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certification) @ Goleman ei & Beyond ei, 2018/2024
-WE-i : Personal & Team Coaching Certification & WEi/EQ profile assessment @ LIA Technology (Learning In Action), 2020
-ACE Plus & Breakthrough Coaching /WBECS (World Business and Executive Coaching Summit) 2019
-Certified Spiritual Intelligence/ SQi Coach, certificate of Trauma informed spiritual care @ Harvard Institute for Quatitative Social Science -Certified SQ21Coach @DCI 2008-2024 _Certified Life Coach @ LCI (Life Coach Institute) 2008
-Certificate in Mind Body Medicine @ MBM/ BHI (Benson Henry Institute/Harvard Medical School) 2010
-Certificate in Advance Training of Mind Body Medicine @ Center for Mind-body Medicine DC Expected June 2024
-Certified Facilitator/Moderator @ IANDS/ISGO 2019
-IANDS Online Healthcare Group Leader & Local Washington DC group leader 2023 -_IOC Discussion Group Founder/Leader (Spirituality in coaching and leadership)
-Certified Wisdom Coach @ AIW (parents & children mindset coaching) 2023
-Certificate of Spirituality & Healing in Medicine @GW Institute for Spirituality & Health 2015
-GWish & ISPEC trainer (Interprofessional Spiritual Care Education Curriculum), GWU 2015
-Certified Heart math practitioner 2015
-Energy Meditation & Yoga instructor. 2013

Keyaunoosh can be reached
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