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Lamont Gates

Lamont Gates hails from the state of New Jersey. He obtained his BA in radio and television communications from William Paterson University. Lamont’s communication experience ranges from editing news clips as an intern at WCBS FM, to producing and editing video productions for non-profit mental health organizations. Lamont has also hosted radio programs on both FM radio and internet podcast platforms. Lamont’s interests are also heavily rooted in the topics of religion and spirituality.

Lamont has also studied both Abrahamic and ancient pagan religions; as well as biblical

languages at Shiloh University.

He is currently the host of his own self-produced podcast entitled, Real Spiritual Talk Radio where he conducts interviews on the topic of near-death experiences. In addition to communications, Lamont also received a Master of Science degree in the field of child and adolescent developmental psychology from Walden University. He has worked as a behavior therapist with children and adolescents with mental health disabilities, ranging from autism to depression; and in various institutional settings ranging from public schools, therapeutic schools, and ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) centers.